Dr. Martin's notes

Friday October 14 , 2016

Developing an Emergency Action Plan (Chapter 5)

Click HERE for the EAP flowchart

Choose one of these scenarios and develop an Emergency Action Plan. (Max 1 1/2 pages)

1. Athlete comes into the training room with a bleeding head injury (1/2 inch laceration) received while going up for a header in Soccer. He did not lose consciousness. The other player was not injured.

2. Athlete was playing football and someone stepped on his foot and he has great difficulty walking or putting weight on it. You are on the sidelines at a game.

3. Athlete was playing in a basketball game when going up for a layup he was hit in the eye socket by another player’s elbow. He went down to the floor lost consciousness for 20 seconds and then had immediate pain in his eye socket upon regaining consciousness.

4. Track athlete was running hurdles when he felt a “pop” in his knee and could no longer run or put weight on the knee.

5. A parent was at a track meet and was accidentally hit in the arm with a javelin. He is bleeding and in pain from the injury.