Dr. Martin's notes

Tuesday October 11, 2016

In the Training Room- Draw it to make a new design!

Your budget is $750.00

Items to have in a training room
1. Air conditioning
2. Tables
3. Water Supply (including drinking water)
4. Cleaning Supplies
5. Audio/visual
6. Storage
7. Power plugs
8. Close to Exercise/rehab area
9. Close to restroom
10. Phone
11. Therapy units (hot pack, ems, etc)
12. Computer
13. Refrigerator
14. Trash can
15. Office space for AT
16. Good Lighting
17. Tile Floor
18. Wet area (for washing)
19. Record Storage
20.. Supplies:

a. Gloves
b. Tape
c. Ice packes
d. Hand warmers
e. Bandages
f. Scissors
g. Antiseptic
h. Blood cleaner/dissolver
i. Breathing shields
j. Splints
k. Tongue depressors
l. Ear Plugs
m. Nail clippers
n. Sun Screen
o. Strawberry ointment