Dr. Martin's notes

Monday November 28, 2016

The Goals of Conditioning

The Goal of Conditioning is to improve performance with
-Cardiovascular exercises

Weight Training

The primary benefits are muscle strength and muscle endurance
The secondary effects are muscle tone, muscle mass, and power

Weight training is based on three principles:
1. Overload
2. Variation
3. Specificity

The Overload principle is by far the most important concept. In short, it means working past your comfort zone. The important part to remember is to use the overload principle without causing injury.

Overload is achieved by:
1. increased weight
2. increased repetitions
3. increased sets
4. increased speed
5. decreased time between sets

A number of exercises of the exact same exercise is called a set.
The number of times that you repeat the exercise is called the reps (or repetitions).