Dr. Martin's notes

Thursday January 12, 2017

Many methods are used to alleviate causes of injury. These are called interventions.
1. Progressive relaxation (of muscles) with or without imagery (imagery is visual relaxation, viewing in your mind something pleasant)
2. Aerobic (or other) exercise
3. Diet modifications (including reduction of caffeine)
4. Treatment for sleep disorders (if athlete is not sleeping well)
5. Time management programs

When discussing the injury, setting goals for healing/rehabilitation is essential
1. Know the goals
2. Set specific goals and make them measurable
3. Use Positive reinforcement
4. Make them challenging but realistic
5. Have a reasonable timetable
6. Have short term, medium term and long term goals
7. Link the sport goals to life goals

When managing an athlete's problems, it is essential to LISTEN to the entire aspect of the problem before giving advise.
The athlete may have one or all of:
- Fear
- Anger
- Depression
- Anxiety