Dr. Martin's notes

Tuesday January 10, 2017

The Psychological aspects of injury

Athlete's Responses to injury (Not all apply nor do all respond the same)
1. Disastrous - Loss of control over his body because of the injury
2. Opportunity - This may be the time to show courage and determination to get better
3. Relish the injury - Playing up sympathy to prevent embarassment or feelings of inadequacy
4. Fear - Letting down the team or parents

An athlete may have one or more reactive states to the injury
1. A reaction to the injury
2. A reaction to rehabilitation
3. A reaction to his/her return to competition
4. A reaction if the injury causes termination

There are predictors that a coach/trainer can take to determine if injury may occur
1. Is the person injury prone
-not the first time injured
-relishes the injury (see #3 in responses)
2. Athlete takes too many risks
3. The athlete is detached (concerned about self, not team)
4. Athlete is easily distracted
5. Stress
- Pressure from home/parents
- Pressure from peers/team
- Pressure from self expectance/performance