Dr. Martin's notes

Friday February 03, 2017

Cryotherapy - is the application of cold to the external surfaces of the skin. Cryotherapy will reduce inflammation, create sedation, constrict blood vessels and slow down cellular activity. Applying cold slows down all processes that are reached by the reduction in temperature, including activity in the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues. It reduces pain by blocking the pain receptors in the skin and underlying tissue areas, and constricts blood vessels, causing a slowing or stopping of internal bleeding.

Methods of Cryotherapy include:
-Ice packs
-Ice Massage
-cold water immersion
-vapocoolant sprays

Procedures for using cryotherapy
1. Use crushed ice with a bit of water.
2. Remove air from bag
3. Use a barrier to insulate the skin
4. Wrap around the affected area
5. Check periodically the response of the athlete

You can also use "Blue Ice" or "Instant Ice" bags. They usually have a built in barrier.