Dr. Martin's notes

Thursday February 02, 2017


Thermotherapy - Heat therapy with hot packs

Generally, the most common way of applying heat (thermotherapy) is in the form of hot steam packs. They are kept in a water filled container at about 200 degrees F. These packs are hot and are to be handled with the greatest care to not burn the athlete or the trainer. The most common brand is Hydrocollator.

1. Open the heating unit by the handles only (the unit is HOT)
2. Lift out the hot pack by the end tabs only using your hands or tongs.
3. Hold the pack above the heating unit until it stops dripping.
4. Place a towel close to the unit and have it folded at least 3 layers.
5. Place the hot pack on the towel and cover it with the rest of the towel
6. Place the pack on the area of the body, and have weight on it. (body part or weights on top)
7. Check with the athlete every 2-3 minutes (the area should be observed to see if burning occurs)
8. Treatment times are 15-20 minutes, but can be as long as 45 minutes.
9. Carefully remove the pack and place it back into the heating unit.
10. Check the water level in the heating unit. The inside rack should be covered and the water should be covering or almost covering the packs.