Dr. Martin's notes

Thursday December 1, 2016


Food can be described as anything that goes into your mouth, whether or not it is nutritious or good for you. Nutrition is the process by which a living organism (you) assimilates food and uses it for growth and replacment. Nutrition is necessary for our energy and cell replacement.

Energy is measured in Calories. A calorie is defined as the amount of energy necessary to raise one gram of water 1 degree centigrade. (Celsius). Calories are one measuring block of food, but not the only one.

Carbohydrates supply 4 calories per gram
Proteins supply 4 calories per gram
Fats supply 9 calories per gram
Alcohol supplies 7 calories per gram

The food components consist of 1.) Carbohydrates; 2.) Proteins; 3.) Fats; 4.) Vitamins; 5.) Minerals; 6.) Water; and 7.) Fiber

Carbohydrates (COOH) are the body's primary source of fuel. They provide the glucose (sugar) necessary for muscle contraction and other body functions. They are found in Simple and Complex sugars (Sucrose fruits), Grains (Bread, Rice, Tortillas, Pasta), and Starches (Potatoes, Pasta).

Your body breaks these down into glucose or stores it as galactose. If neither of these is needed by the body it will store the excess sugars as fat.The body responds to sugar intake by producing insulin in the pancreas. If the body produces too much insulin, it is called hypoglycemia. If the body produces too little insulin, that is called diabetes.


This list of carbohydrate foods will prove that all carbohydrates are not created equal. And it's vitally important to your health that you know the good carb bad carb difference. The good carbs on the list of carbohydrate foods can provide your body with energy, optimum nutrition, proper brain and organ function and a healthy, attractive appearance.
But bad carbs are detrimental to a healthy diet. And consistently eating from the bad carbs list will rapidly sabotage all your health and weight management goals. So choose all of your carbohydrates from this great list of healthy carbohydrate foods.

|List of Carbohydrate Foods for Good Carbs
Good carbohydrates have been proven over and over again through valid peer-reviewed research to be essential to good health. Why? Because these super healthy carbohydrates deliver essential vitamins, minerals and a long list of important phytonutrients.
Good carbs are also generally high fiber foods. Besides being nutritious in many other ways, this list of healthy foods rich in fiber give you on-going energy and a sense of feeling full and satisfied. They also help to remove toxins from your body and lower your cholesterol levels.