Sports Medicine
Sports Injury, Treatment and Prevention
Dr. Kenneth Martin
Periods 6&7 - TCHS

The Sports Medicine, Sports Injury, Treatment and Prevention class is provided to students by Career Technolgy Education (previously ROP). This class is designed to introduce students into the world of health care, with an emphasis on sports injuries. The purpose is to prepare students for work experience into sports healthcare and "sports medicine" programs, and to educate them in the proper use of athletic taping, sports massage, strength and conditioning and physical therapy methods, both manual and electronic. This class has been approved as a category "h" by the University of California.

As a class that emphasizes health care, all students are expected to, and will be required to conduct themselves as professionals. The class includes discussion of the anatomy, structure and functions of the human body, and the problems and prevention of athletic injuries. Working with others (touching, examining, taping, viewing) is a requirement of this class. Sexual harassment will be fully covered as it applies to workplace settings. At no time will unprofessional conduct be tolerated, and if presented, will be grounds for dismissal from the class.

At the end of the class, the students will receive a certificate of completion, and will be expected to have employment, internship or other direction toward a health care career. All students will receive training and certification in AED & CPR and will be trained in first aid methods and athletic taping procedures. Upon completion, students will have an increased knowledge of the working of the human body, especially as it relates to athletic performance and preparation. As part of the requirements of this class, students will be requested to attend sporting events at the school and to perform any procedure for which they are trained.


Your grade will be determined by a cumulative effort on the following levels:

Written work & Journal (including Homework) 10%
Tests and Quizzes 25%
Mid-term and Final Exam 10%
Class Participation and performance 15%
Oral performance 15%
Final Class project 25%


Your grade depends on YOU! I will be grading on a negative scale for all endeavors other than tests. In other words, you start with 100% and have points deducted to arrive at your score.

Written Work will consist of graphics and identification of areas of the body, and the functions of the same and other projects as deemed necessary. All students will be required to have a daily journal and are expected to make at least one entry per day. (not including the homework assignment). Homework assignments may occur daily and must be completed in order to receive credit. Late homework is decreased in value 33% every day it is late. In addition to daily homework, you should be reviewing all manual procedures and practicing on willing subjects.

MAKE UP WORK is the responsibility of the student and will only be allowed upon excuse for illness or bereavement. Vacation days, skipped, unexcused or expelled days, or "senioritis" days are not allowable for make up work. No effort to make up work will result in a ZERO. ALL MAKE UP WORK OR MISSED TESTS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. I WILL NOT REMIND YOU OF INCOMPLETE WORK!


Each day of this class builds upon previous days. Much of the material is presented only one time, and as such, attendance is required consistently. Absence from more than 10 class periods per semester may result in an automatic drop from the class.


Tests and quizzes will be provided as deemed necessary to maintain your knowledge of the class. Pop quizzes will be unannounced at various times, and may include practical applications. There will be an announced cumulative examination given at mid-term, AND at the completion of the Athletic Training module. Any material presented in the class up to the date of the examination may be included in the test. One retake exam and one retake quiz are allowable per semester without exception. A retake grade will replace the original test grade. Retakes will be given ONLY if the student makes arrangements, no less than one week following the original test/quiz.


Class participation is essential for successful performance of sports therapy techniques. Students will be alone or in teams performing athletic taping, taking of vital signs (Blood pressure, temperature, height, weight), observation of motion, weight lifting and exercise techniques, CPR and safety techniques. You will be expected to perform reduction of a muscle cramp, evaluation of injuries, and methods to assist the athletes off the field, without hurting yourself. Practical applications of physical therapy techniques, including ultrasound, diathermy, electrical stimulation, exercise/resistance therapy and rehabilitation techniques will be required to be performed by all students, either in groups or solo. You will be expected to learn how to fill out injury forms, and to notify the proper persons following an injury.

Oral performances will consist of individual student having a mock injury and proceeding with discussion of the injury, the care to be given in proper order, and the steps to be taken following injury. As many of the students may often be working by themselves at events, this individual oral monologue is an integral part of performing as a professional. Responses in regular classroom discussion are included in your oral performance grade.


The class project will consist of groups of strength and conditioning program, from a choice of athletic scenarios, forming an idea about sports therapy, exercise or physical therapy and presenting it in presentation format with graphics, printouts, references, and progress charts. All information in regard to athletic training, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation will be included. This project will require at least 4-6 weeks of planning and preparation, with a minimum of 4 hours for preparation. THIS PROJECT IS HEAVILY WEIGHED AND PROJECTS NOT TURNED IN WILL RESULT IN AN “INCOMPLETE” FOR THE CLASS. FOR SENIORS, THIS MAY MEAN NOT PARTICIPATING IN GRADUATION.

Extra credit may be obtained by discussion with me 1.) if it is warranted and 2.) if the subject of extra credit applies to the area where the student is deficient. Extra credit cannot exceed 20% of your grade at any of the above noted grading levels. I can be reached for discussion at any time by email at or during my office hours away from school at (626) 286-8200. My fax number is (626) 286-7552 and the website address for the class is:

Student Contract

As a member of the ROP Sports Medicine class, I promise to perform all the duties that are required of me as outlined in the class description. I promise to not cheat, to conduct myself as a health professional and to present myself to the public in an acceptable manner when performing at athletic events. Proper dress (which will be outlined) is required at sporting events.

I understand that I will be viewing human anatomy drawings and photographs and I will be required to perform tests, evaluations and massage techniques to other students. This is to be performed in a professional manner at all times. Improper behavior during any of these will be cause for immediate dismissal from the class.

I will follow all school policies while in the classroom regarding proper dress, respect for others, cell phones, text messaging, computer use and behavior.

I understand that any negative projection that I give reflects upon myself, the school, and others in my class, and that I am personally responsible to uphold a professional image.

I will endeavor to obtain either paid employment or unpaid internship within the health field, to utilize what knowledge I have obtained.

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