Dr. Martin's notes

Tuesday April 25, 2017

Massage Therapy Techniques


All lotions should be warmed either with a heating element or by placing it in the hand first.
The athlete should be relaxed and lying in either a prone or supine position.
Lighting should be reduced to minimal for extra relaxation.
Light music helps to relax the athlete.
Essential oils or incense may be used as an aromatic


To relax a person, you yourself must also be relaxed. A state of consciousness that promotes relaxation (Zen) will help you to work better, relax the client, and allow healing to take place

Contact Points

1. Thumb
2. Blade
3. Nail point 1 (index finger)
4. Web
5. Palm
6. Thenar
7. Forearm
8. Elbow


Make sure the athlete has had a chance to relax. Have them take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly.
Explain to them what you are going to do and to have you stop if they are in pain or feel uncomfortable.
Place just enough lotion in your hand to perform the massage. DO NOT apply too much lubricant.
Take a deep breath and relax before beginning.