Dr. Martin's notes

April 20, 2017

Beginning Massage Therapy

MASSAGE - the systematic stretching, kneading or percussion of the muscles (and other soft tissues) of the body.

Three main types of massage:
- Effleurage - Stroking
- Petrissage - Kneading
- Tapotement - Percussion or tapping

Some secondary types are:
Vibration massage (usually mechanical)

Effleurage is the most common type (approximately 80%) and is used with fingers and palms of hand
Most effleurage is performed with some type of lotion or oil to create a gliding movement.

There are three basic responses to massage therapy.
- Mechanical Responses
--- relaxation
--- reduction of swelling (lymphatic drainage)
--- stretching of scar tissues or other tissues
--- increasing circulation
- Physiological Responses
---reduction of lactic acid
--- reflex effects (increases nerve function)
--- relaxation
--- stimulation (for warm up or healing)
--- also increases circulation
-Psychological Responses
--- trust, creating a bond between therapist and athlete

Effleurage is divided into light and deep methods. Most massage is light, and is controlled by the strength of the hands not how much force is put into the arms by the therapist. It is designed to be primarily sedative, and for early treatment after injury.